2011 was a horrible year…

For me, 2011 was one of the worst years I can remember. Personally, it was more challenging than any in my adult life; it featured a car accident (which was more annoying than anything), a badly sprained ankle (which halted my soccer season and a favorite stress release), the end of a tumultuous relationship, and two lost jobs. It re-framed the way I look at life, forced me to examine my motives in everything, and at times sent me into a tailspin.
Now, I realize the list of things that made it horrible likely pale in comparison to many, many people in the world. Bad things have happened to me before, but they’ve always been complimented with good things. I know I have a fairly comfortable life and some would say I have nothing to complain about. Agreed. But it was my annus horribilis. And the biggest reason I see things the way I do is that I lost who I am in 2011.
This blog isn’t about my problems. It is about a way of living, and a way to approach the world. Over the last two weeks, I’ve become very introspective, examining my relationships, my career trajectory, my place in the universe. I’m writing this entry for one simple reason: I’ve decided to make 2012 a year of service and I need to keep myself honest.
I’m going to start by donating my time to three charities but I hope I will be able to do much more. I plan to write about 2012 as it progresses. Hopefully I find myself along the way.