Focus, focus, focus.

I recently sat down to work on a major project and did something I almost never do: I turned my phone to silent and closed my email.  I consider myself a good multitasker, able to work on several projects at the same time and accomplish what I need to, but I just needed to focus on this particular task and get it moving forward.  Not surprisingly, after a few short hours, I had gotten through almost the entire punch list.
Project management is a special skill, and an important one for people who juggle responsibilities and tend to multitask regularly.  On occasion though, everyone needs to close off the outside world and focus on an important (or complicated) item.  Numerous studies have shown that it can take as much as 30 minutes to get back on track once you have been interupted by a phone call or email message.  So even if you’re a master multitasker, when you come face to face with a major project, try focusing on just that one piece of your day for a block of time.  You might just find that you work faster or better in the end.
Oh, and if you blog, resist the temptation to start an entry when a thought comes to you in the middle of doing something else.  Write yourself a brief note to save your thoughts and put it aside until you can focus.  Your client and your readers will appreciate it.