featured in Ad Age

I recently had the privilege of seeing my work appear in Advertising Age as part of a special advertorial section sponsored by the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB). The piece appeared in the November 17, 2008 print edition as part of the Radio Heard Here campaign and featured Entercom Communications (my day job) and its focus on developing successful integrated marketing campaigns. The story was researched and written by the Ad Age staff who worked closely with the team at Entercom to develop the direction and theme. A digital version can be found here and is also linked from the front page of
I take pride in having worked on both campaigns that were selected by the management team at Entercom to appear in this particular media item. The first campaign was developed for Wells Fargo and featured hyper-local and extremely customized content. Entercom heard significantly positive reviews from the listeners that were exposed to the media as well as the client and the financial sector press. It was an interesting project to be part of and required detailed project management and execution. If you are interested in seeing or hearing a demo of the work we did, jump back to the Contact Us page on and send me an email. I’ll gladly walk you through the role I played.
The second campaign originated as a promotional idea with a programming hook some two years ago and was expanded into a multi-market, multi-channel platform that takes advantage of audio, digital, and experiential assets. Get Schooled is currently sponsored by Guitar Center in 11 cities and promoted on 19 radio stations. The website – – attracts nearly 10,000 visitors each month and is at the core of the program. The participating stations have created or captured some great video footage but the overall marketing campaign goes far beyond what is actually featured. Guitar Center was connected into local musicians and linked to major artists through this program, and that brand association was a key objective from the start. I was lucky enough to design (with help from Entercom’s Digital team) the entire site and still manage its content today. You can link to the site above or visit the Portfolio page on for more.
Since the day I got my first tape deck, I’ve wanted to be in radio and it is projects like these, and recognition of the work (not my name), that continue to reaffirm my decision to enter the industry 10 years ago. Radio is an amazing medium, and this simple advertorial which came from the collaboration of people that also love radio, exemplifies the reach, power, and influence it can wield. I work in radio and in marketing because I never do the same thing twice. I am able to create best practices and develop new and interesting campaigns every day. And the best part is that all the work I do is for my clients.