Remember to tie your marketing channels together

I get a lot of catalogs every week. I get them from both B2B companies looking to capitalize on my company’s revenue and from and B2C companies looking to grab part of my disposable income. And I typically ignore most of them. But this week one stood out, and it was because they remembered to tie their marketing channels together and time the receipt of their messages. They did it well and I paid attention.
So how did it happen? Yesterday I received a catalog in the mail from Red Envelope, a company I’ve done business with for close to 10 years. I receive something from them in the mail just about every month, and more frequently by email. The fact that I haven’t unsubscribed says to me that I still see value in their offerings, but I usually don’t purchase on impulse from them either. I recognize that I usually order at specific times – Mother’s Day, a few birthdays, and Christmas – and generally delete other messages or recycle catalogs. I’m sure they have a profile on me and my habits and I hope (because I’m in marketing too) that they used that to target this particular offering. Initially, I didn’t pay much attention to the catalog though. Then, an email showed up in my inbox this morning at about 10:00 am. The subject line read as follows: See what’s new in the Spring catalog – in your mailbox now with 10% off. Elegant, timely, straightforward, and specific. It worked; I opened and read the email and I picked up the catalog to flip through. And that’s exactly what they want.
Take a moment to think about the level of organization that went into timing this effort. From the production and printing to the mailing of the catalog and the creation and release of the email, Red Envelope likely had to deal with several weeks (minimum) of lead time and multiple departments and vendors. For a competent project manager, this shouldn’t be a significant challenge, but I see poor execution or complete failures more frequently than I care to admit. Each of us has the power to set and meet deadlines, and each of us has the power to absolutely ensure that our marketing campaigns are timed exactly as we intended.
Now, take another moment to think about your processes and decide if you could confidently execute something as successfully as Red Envelope did. If the answer isn’t a resounding YES, spend some time TODAY to fix it. And if you’d like help creating a process or identifying best practices, I’m happy to help with that.