Social Media and My Birthday

At the end of February, I wrote an entry on how I’ve been using social media and talked about the services I use the most. If you visit (or try to visit) this blog on a semi-regular basis, you know that over the last five weeks, I’ve essentially disappeared from the blogosphere. In the first four months of writing, I managed to blog fairly regularly, and keep up with no less than seven posts per month. That stopped abruptly in early March as life got busy, and work picked up speed quickly. Today I return (for the moment anyway) because I was encouraged to write something for my birthday.
I recently saw a great entry on Hear 2.0 about how people (and thus social media) are changing the way the Internet is being used. According to NetPop Research, over the last two years use of the web for Entertainment purposes has dropped by 30% while use for Communication has increased by 18%. This was fairly obvious when taken in context with my birthday (today). Five years ago, people wished me well with phone calls and birthday cards. Social media has changed all of that — I got far more emails, text messages and Walls Posts on Facebook than actual paper cards or balloons. A simple observation, but it struck me as interesting given all of the press that social media has received in the last six months. If I’m still blogging in five years, I’ll check in and let you know how things have progressed. For now, I’d love to know what you’ve experienced.
One last thought — while I’ve been a woefully poor blogger, I have stepped up my use of Twitter, thanks to tools like TwitterFox and TweetDeck.  You can follow me here: (or @Kondylas if you use the service) and join the conversation. Enjoy!