Using technology: Two good resources

In my last post, I listed 21 social media channels that you could be using to drive traffic to your business and results to your bottom line. As I mentioned, that list is simply a place to start your planning, or to discover new things to add to what you are already doing. In many cases, as you build out your marketing campaigns, you will start to consider at least some of these channels in the same way you now consider your website, direct mail, or a yellow pages’ listing: as something you have to do just to be in business.
In that spirit, I wanted to share some resources that I regularly use. If you’ve visited Mode of Being before, you know we actively blog and started micro-blogging, use Facebook, and now have a short URL service. We also use widgets, make our content available for syndication, share bookmarks, and use S.E.O. technology. The two platforms below are something I use as I work through my process of research and development. They are tools in my toolbox and serve specific purposes for me. If you have a great resource that you use frequently, send us a note or submit a comment and we’ll try to share the submissions in the future.
This tool is a nifty service that allows you to check more than 60 different social media platforms to see if your user name – or your company’s brand name – is currently registered. This resource can help you decide where you want to begin, what platform or service(s) you want to start using, or where you need to be more pro-active to protect your name and your brand. To try out this free service, visit
This website aggregates screen shots of e-commerce sites from some of the biggest brands on the Internet. And it’s very thorough. You can see everything from Product Recommendation pages to Add To Cart samples to Homepage Landing examples. It’s built on WordPress and has the look and feel of a blog (while also getting updated regularly). To see this site and the sites it holds, visit And if you’re interested in more e-commerce screen shots, recommends screentrawl’s Photostream on flickr.
One more thing: We just added a countdown feature to our site. We’re excited about the return of baseball and the start of Spring Training, so we included two upcoming events for the Phillies. We’ll branch out in the coming days and weeks and include some media-related events too. You can find it now, right below the “Recently on Twitter” box in the right column, near the top of every page.

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